Google Messaging App may allow users to edit sent message like WhatsApp

Google Messaging App

Google Messages: Targeting the WhatsApp app, Google is coming up with a series of updates on the Google Messaging App. In the latest update, Google has introduced a feature to edit in Google Messages.

New feature in Google Messaging App

  • You can now edit like WhatsApp.
  • The new feature is coming into use soon

Google has been upgrading the messaging app in recent times. Google is also introducing all the features on WhatsApp that come with subsequent updates. While you can already chat on the Google Messaging app, WhatsApp has added a feature that allows users to convert their photos into photomojis as introduced.

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Google has also added group chatting as there was only individual chatting. In this way, it is now going to introduce a feature to edit messages.

When will Google Message Edit arrive?

There is no word on when this feature will first come into use. But it is only certain that this feature is going to be introduced soon. At the same time, will there be a time limit to the soon-to-be edit feature in Google Messages? I don’t even know the information. This means that you can edit messages sent within a specified time frame on WhatsApp and iMessages.

Is it based on that?, If the user edits the message, will there be any notification settings for the receiver to see it? Google keeps all the information confidential.

Google vs WhatsApp

All these updates on Google Messaging app are aimed at WhatsApp, the messaging app used by many people around the world. So there is a possibility that in the next few months, there will be interesting updates in Google Messages. WhatsApp has emptied the market and is slowly moving towards getting a Google message in that place. Google is already leading the AI industry by fielding Bard to compete with ChatGBT. Facebook and WhatsApp’s parent company Meta have also started thinking about it to deal with Google’s competition as they are now venturing into the messaging app as well.


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